US Women’s Basketball vs Croatia

My cable box chose the first day of Olympic play to poop out, so I missed the first half of this game.  When I came in at half time, the US was up by three.  Not super hopeful against #31 Croatia.  The US pulled out a solid win, but was not stellar in their free throws or their turnovers.  Both of those are important parts of the game.  It only takes  a bad day at the free throw line combined with a good day for the other team and our women will be looking at a rare mark in the L column.

Geno has stacked the deck in his favor though.  With about half the team being UConn alumnae and all of them being starters for their professional teams, he has a powerhouse to work with.  These women are a rare combination of youth and experience!  (Only one woman on this team is older than me and that is only by 4 days)  In this game he pulled a masterful turn by opting to (at least in the second half) substitute his teams in blocs.  His five starters played and then the next five (not really second string) would come in at one time.  Other teams should watch out for this strategy.  Using this method, Geno always has reasonably rested players that are used to working as a team.  I look forward to Women’s Basketball…Go Team USA!