US Men’s vs France

This game was almost a study of NBA athletes.  Almost every player on the floor had NBA experience, including three SA Spurs players on the French team lead by Tony Parker.  Team USA won 98-71, but they looked a little wobbly to start the game.

After missing their first 3 foul shouts, they were okay in that department.  However, the Q1 ended with a three pointer by France (to put France only down by one 22-21) and that was the ONLY three point shot made by either team in that quarter.  Team USA was looking a little peaked.  By halftime, the score was 52-36 (USA on top), but our guys were playing sloppy and flirting with foul trouble. (Just remember, they only get 5 fouls not the NBA 6).

Team USA got it together and played more cleanly in the second half, but it was not a game they ever ran away with.  The final shooting stat was 43%, but for the longest time they were in the mid-30% range, leading to be sure but not inspiring greatness.  They have Argentina to look forward to, as well as probably Spain and others, where 43% shooting will not lead you down the path to gold.

Coach K got credited with a technical in this game.  The only explanation I heard for this penalty was “talking.”  I don’t know if the talking was on the bench or on the floor.  I would hope that it was some friendly banter on the floor as they all play each other and I am sure that they have plenty to say about it.  The technical was not a big deal, but if your gonna get one, get it for a good reason.

All in all, Team USA is fun to watch, especially Anthony Davis getting some floor time in Q4 and Kevin Love above the basket, but I want to see fun basketball as we race towards the gold!