US Men vs Tunisia

The final score was 110-63 and that was not unexpected; however, at one point Tunisia was up 11-10.  The only team in men’s Olympic competition without any NBA experience and they were up on Team USA- not too shabby!  Of course, the first five minutes of the game can’t last forever, so Coach K did a unit substitution to get some much needed energy on the court.  Team USA took control of this game hardly taking their foot off the gas.

Tunisia slipped ahead in Q1 with the help of 3 three point shots in the first five minutes of the game, while Team USA went 0-7 in Q1.  Overall, Team USA shot 40% of their three point shots, but this slow warm up seems to be a repeating issue.  FG percentages looked better for this game than the last at 61% (77% in the first half).  As for foul shots, I have little room for complaint at 77.8%.  (As you get to know me better I think teams should maintain at 75-80% statistic here.  FT are based on practice…if you practice you will get better).  Team USA kept their turnovers low at 9, but there were some moments where Tunisia took the ball and executed some nice basketball, including a classic coast to coast play.  

Coach K did do the unit substitution to get some energy on the floor in Q1 and spread the minutes around to all the players, including Anthony Davis (who is much more fun to watch when he is not wearing dark blue!).  I can only imagine how much Davis’ game will improve with this experience.

The nicest moment of the game came after the final buzzer.  A Tunisian player approached Kobe and asked him to sign the shoe right off his foot.  With grace, that extended to the hour long Q and A with the media, Kobe showed himself to the the elder statesman of this team.