It’s raining threes

I know, I know…I missed the last women’s game and missed most of the men vs Nigeria, but it is August and I am on vacation before the fall semester starts. (Refer back to the About section, I write about the games I watch and watch the games I want.)

Congratulations are in order for the US women.  The highlights of their last game were great!  Let’s go ladies! Drive for Five!!

Also, the end of the men’s France vs Russia- Down to the last seconds and that is the kind of basketball that is fun to watch.

Now for the US men…they did a great job last night, breaking records like it was nothing.   Congrats to Carmelo Anthony for setting US men’s all time Olympic scoring record with 37 points (remember that Olympic play is 8 minutes less than NBA play.)  The team make 29 of 46 threes with 41 assists- goodness gracious!

All in all, Nigeria played hard and didn’t let up until the steam was just driven out of them.  I think they just got tired.  The USA set an all time points record with 156 (again 8 less minutes).  BUT they did not get the all time points spread Olympic record.  That is still held, from 1948, by China and South Korea.  China beat Iraq 125-25 and South Korea was over Iraq 120-20.  100 points different.  Needless to say, Iraq went 0-6 that year.

We are still going strong for gold!

Also, much love and recognition to Gabby Douglas for her individual gold and Rebecca Soni for her gold in world record time!