99-94 was too close for comfort!  US men vs Lithuania took until the last half of Q4 to get their overdrives on and then it was most James bursting into action.  Most of the game was within 4 points with the lead changing between teams.

The US needed a game like this.  One that pushed their game, which may have been a bit on autopilot from their last game, into defensive mode.  The US started off with some quick fouls and they flirted with foul trouble the whole game, until Lithuania got into a bit of foul trouble in Q3.  This was a W and a good exercise for the team, but FT was lackluster at 61%.  Combine that with 30% 3 point shots in this game and it is not impossible to see another team making more threes and more FT- thus getting an elusive W against the USA in Olympic play.

James really stepped up in the last half of the Q4 to push the US to win.  Hopefully this is just a taste of sour to keep the team’s head in the game as they play toward the gold!

Congratulations out to the US women’s eight team rowers, specifically Greensboro native Caroline Lind, for their gold medal!!!!