US men vs Argentina

The famous Argentinean Evita Peron once said, “time is my greatest enemy” and I think that was true for yesterday’s US men vs Argentina.  Team Argentina was hot out of the block yesterday scoring the first points on the board.  They were large, assertive, and sure of their plays on the floor.  The first half of this ball game offered good back and forth ball.  Ball that I like to watch.

It was Q3 when the US, and James in particular, roared to life leaving not doubt about who was in control of this game.  After lead changes and staying close, the US just pulled ahead and never looked back.  Kevin Durant came alive on the threes and Westbrook had a dunk (watch :41 on the video) that is worth replaying.  Overall, USA was 51% both from the field and on the three point shot and an impressive (but I think it should be the norm) 80% from the free throw line.  Argentina is a great team.  They shot about 50% from the field, about 38% from the three, and 75% from the charity line.  This matchup was better than most to watch. An honorable mention must go to Argentinean Manu Ginobili- he went 7 for 7 of this free throws.  I like that no matter what team a player plays for.

Currently,  Team US women are playing Team Canada, well wearing team Canada down.  Canada had a good run particularly beating Team GB, but they can’t seem to find a groove with the US.  In watching Q1 and seeing Canada execute a pretty good princeton offense, I am reminded what their coach, Kim Smith, said about her team, We’re not talented, we don’t play nice basketball.”  I’m not sure if that is self-effacing niceness or a coach that pulls no punches with the media.  The women I am watch play Team USA right now have talent, they are just outsized and outrun.  Let’s see what the end of this game brings.