More fun news on my Facebook page

So, I really need to be doing some other work, but on my FB pops some news from UNCG men’s basketball.  Wes has signed Texas basketball player RJ White to the roster for the 2012-13 season.

Well, I felt the need to see what I could learn about him and found some nice things on the blogosphere including, praise from saying, he has a”big strong body, good hands, makes strong outlet passes, has a nice touch from 15 feet, uses his body well and is hard to stop when he gets the ball down low.”  Sounds like a player we could use on the court, maybe as power forward or 2 guard (depending on his shooting range).

It also seems he may have basketball in the blood.  His father, Randy White, was drafted 8th in the 1989 NBA draft, played 5 seasons for the Dallas Mavericks and overseas ball as well.

Welcome to UNCG!