Coach Wes Miller

Anyone that has followed UNCG basketball for the last few season (I’ve been at UNCG for 6 years) knows that after Mike Dement graduated Kyle Hines we had been flapping around in the breeze.  We had some big losses and some long losing streaks and it was hard to be a fan.  For a while, in my close basketball circles, we joked about how long it had been since we had seen, in person, a W.  Now to be fair, they had won some games, we just hadn’t been there.  It feels really good to cheer for a team that wins and we were really missing that. However, the tickets aren’t expensive and it’s hard to ignore basketball in your own hometown, so we went.

That all changed last December, when Wes Miller, then 28 and the youngest head coach in the nation, took over as interim and started leading the Spartans to some wins.  Well, not only are the Greensboro fans watching and taking notice, but the national media as well.  The ESPN article, “The rapid rise of UNCG’s Wes Miller” tells the story of the second half of last season nicely. We ended on a high note and have high hopes for this season (hurry UP, October!).  Playing on the theme of last season, we are ALL IN and ready to watch some basketball!