Cheering for an Outlaw!


In my daily news roundup a little blog post from the News and Record showed up in the rotation.  The shortened title was “UNCG gets weekend commitment.”  I was intrigued, a commitment to what, about what, are we talking about university fundraising or did some get put into the hospital?  To my surprise it was about BASKETBALL!  I keep expecting it to be quite until b-ball season and Wes keeps signing players.


Tyrone Outlaw is a 6’6″ forward from Roxboro that had garnered some mid regional and a little ACC excitement.  He has signed on to be a Spartan for the 2013 season and according to the blog, Wes was excited to have him on the team.  I for one am ready to cheer for an Outlaw!

I do have one question Wes.  Who is the big man? To play at an increasingly high level (look at our ACC schedule) we need some more size on the court!