Spartan/Wolfpack Game will be televised

It is always nice when there is fun basketball news on my Facebook page! Today, I was pleasantly surprised with the news that the Spartan/Wolfpack game will be televised.  This game is at 1pm on New Year’s Eve in Raleigh.

The Spartans have met the ‘Pack 7 times (with no wins), but this could be the year!  I saw some Spartan players in Graham today and told them I was ready for the season to start.  They are ready, too!I need to find out how to get some tickets!!

The big question is:  Who will Derrick root for?  Derrick is a Spartan like me (working on his second degree at UNCG), but also a State fan (all my friends can’t be perfect).  Along with PJ and me, Derrick has season tickets for the Spartans. We spend lots of days cheering for UNCG.  I don’t envy his position…maybe he will add a comment and let us know how he will work this quandary out!