Roy Williams and Free Throws

So, today UNC beat Florida Atlantic (shout out to their player Greg Gantt- good shooting), but it was messy, first year ball.  However, my post is about Roy Williams’ post game interview.  By his own admission he rarely addresses free throws when he interviews with the press, which I think is a gross oversight- FT need to be talked about more often. But tonight he did.

In the game tonight the Tarheels shot 4/14 from the line.   At the college level, especially the ACC level, 75% should be the benchmark for this statistic, at all times whether at home, on the road, playing on a carrier, or shooting for fun.  If you do not make that mark, free throw practice starts earlier in the morning and you shoot until you are meeting that basic level.

Roy said they were working on free throw shots in practice.  They shot 200 in four days (I hope that means 200 every day for 4 days and not 50/day).  He told us the lowest guy on the team was shooting 63% (humpf) and there were 14 who were greater than 77%.  Where were those players today?  I know we have a lot of first year players and playing in the Dean Dome is a big deal, but this is a skill you should have been refining since you were 7.  Those shots will be even harder with the crazies in your space.  Roy summed it up succinctly with, “how can it get worse than 4 of 14?”  And that is a great question.  The guys are good players.  Some are just playing in their second game in the Carolina uniform, but the learning curve is steep and conference play will be here before you know it!

I will leave you with one more Roy-ism, “If you can shoot, do it. If not do something else- it’s a pretty easy game.”

I hope that the Heels are brushing up on the SKILL of free throws in the morning.