After a brief interruption

This time of the year is always so much fun and so much work.  As a graduate student and adjunct instructor,  I am busy with final projects, grades and the like.  As a basketball enthusiast, great bball is just heating up.  Teams are coasting towards conference starters, but everyone still has dreams of playing come March.  (Also, as a plain old person, I have had the crud…there were a few days there where I just wanted to lay in bed and wish that my ribs did not hurt every time I coughed.  That is why there have not been any recent posts.  I watched the games, but could not string together enough words for a sensible blog post).

Carolina has been rough to watch (they are young, this is a rebuilding year).  In the game that they barely squeaked out from ECU, they were playing like March didn’t even matter.  Watching them versus Texas, well I couldn’t even watch the second half of that game, they were playing like they really didn’t care.  Carolina often dawdles in the first half and turns on the rockets in the second, but in that Texas game it was bad.  I was itching for Roy to call a time out and put some heads on straight at the end of the first, of course he didn’t…and I just couldn’t sit through the other 20 minutes.  There is so much talent on the team.  James Michael McAdoo is carrying a lot in his shoulders right now, but I am excited for the youth, like JP Tokoto- I see flashes of brillance there!

As Carolina had me stewing over subpar basketball, I did have a pause to think about how much good ball North Carolina has to be thankful for from the UNC program.  Not just from October to March, but the coaching legacy here stretches from coast to mountains. Yesterday, Wes Miller’s Spartans travelled (and lost) to Buzz Peterson’s UNCW Seahawks (my undergrad alma mater, GO SEAHAWKS!).  We watched Jeff Lebo’s Pirates give the Heels a run for their money in Chapel Hill, only losing by 6.  And App State is lead by Jason Capel.  Of course, what is trending in Mountaineer basketball news right now is quite possibly the worst free throw ever from December 8, 2012:  Let’s only hope UNCG can win against free throws like that!  Speaking of Spartan winning, they have got the drive and the talent, but keep falling short at crunch time.  The loss at UNCW was hard, but in Saturday we have the WF Demon Deacons.  They have been having a substellar couple of years.  The last time we saw the Deacs in person was when UNCW travelled to the Greensboro coliseum to play.  UNCW jumped out to an early lead and WF never caught them.  We had fantastic seats next to some pompous WF fans, who quickly quieted down when the game began.  I hold the same hope for my Spartans.  They have already fallen to one ACC team this year, but a W against WF would be a great morale boost!

And Butler beat Indiana   I picked Butler as a team to watch in the preseason.  I’m not so glad that they won in Maui, but watching them knock off #1 Indiana was so much fun!