Battle of the Bobblehead

BattleoftheBobbleheadDerrick, PJ, and I have been watching UNCG basketball together for a few years now.  UNCG used to play dirt cheap in Fleming Gym, but since they moved to the Big Barn (the Greensboro Coliseum  for those that don’t know my G-pa) we have been buying season tickets.  This year as part of the package we got a Wes Miller Bobblehead. We only got one because we by the three tickets together and it took FOREVER to arrive because of Superstorm Sandy.  Three people, one bobblehead- you can see how this is a problem.  Derrick is a State Fan and it has been nearly 6 years (Feb 2007) since the Pack bested the Heels, so a plan was born…

Every time UNC and NCSU meet up #WesMillerBobblehead is on the line.  If NCSU wins, he goes home with Derrick.  If UNC wins, he comes to the Colonna house.  This is valid for conference games as well as any post season play.

We met tonight at our favorite wings spot to watch the game.  State has had a good year, but I was confident Wes would come home with me.  At the tipoff, the Pack were in attack mode.  They grabbed the lead and would not let it go!  They led by as much as 28.  I’m a looong time Tarheel, so I know how Carolina likes to dawdle around in the first half and the turn on the rockets in the second.  I don’t always like to watch that kind of ball, but I am used to it. This was not the smoothest game to watch for either side with plenty of loose balls and lack of hustle on the defensive ends.  One surprising fact, I almost didn’t believe my own eyes, is that Roy Williams took all FIVE of his time outs.  He usually forfeits one in the first and ends the game with four in his pocket (the final seconds of last year’s home game against Duke would have been a great place to use one), but I digress….

UNC pulled up close at 5 (85-80) in the last few minutes of the game, but was unable to overcome the first half deficit to win this game.  Overall, the stats for UNC and NCSU were not horrible.  FG shooting was UNC 46.5% and NCSU 49%.  NCSU led in the 3 53% to 36%.  And I do not have much to say about Free Throws.  UNC shot 90% and the Pack 87%.  Both teams missed shots and in a game that pulled so close in the end either team would have liked those extra points (UNC to catch up and NCSU to pad their lead), but these are the numbers that ALL teams, at the collegiate level, should put out at the line.  For UNC, PJ Hairston had 19 points and for Tarheels were in double figures.  For NCSU, Brown, Howell, and Leslie all had double doubles.

This is the first time since 2002 that State has beat both Dook and Carolina.  These boys worked hard, but Wes is coming back to my house on Feb. 23!