Go to hell Duke!

We are T-8 hours from the first meeting of Carolina and Duke for the 2013 season. I woke up this morning with an email from my sister  Rosemary, saying: (and you know it is going to be a good day when this is the email)

Duke students

This is, arguably, the best time in college ball.  Both sides have squared off, the crazies are currently getting soaked in Krzyzewskiville (who wants to camp out for months when daddy pays for a perfectly nice dorm room?) and the anticipation of the game is at a fever pitch.  Both games, plus the post season, are ahead of us and all that there is time for is good, old fashioned trash talk!

The Carolina-Duke rivalry is the best in college basketball- it has it’s own Wikipedia page.  This game is called the Battle of the Blues, or the Battle Along Tobacco Road.  Only about 15 miles separates these two schools and that is what makes the love of the hatred even better!

I would like to take a moment, in this pre-game time, to remind us of the stats for the Carolina-Duke rivalry:

These teams first met at Trinity College on Jan. 24, 1920.  UNC won, 36-25

UNC leads the all time series 132-102

UNC has 29 ACC regular season championship and Duke has 19

UNC has 18 appearances in the NCAA Final Four to Duke’s 15

And UNC has 5 NCAA tournament championships to Duke’s 4

ESPN called the March 4, 2006 meeting of Carolina and Duke (at Duke) it’s the most watched college game in history.

Then, there is the way that basketball is taught at the individual schools varies widely.  Dean Smith (Saint Dean if you will) pioneered the practice of acknowledging the player that passed you the ball when you scored.  Coach K (and players he has trained) are quite open that a great player should be a selfish player.  Those different ways of thinking about and coaching basketball show up in the styles of the teams, the kinds of players they produce, and the skills that the coaches teach.

But then there is this:

But to make you feel better:

And we can’t forget where Michael Jordan comes from (how many other teams wear the MJ logo on their uniforms?!)

Who’s ready for 9pm?  Go Heels!