Senior Night at the Dean Dome

Senior night at the Dean Dome is always a big deal for the players.

Who can forget Hansbrough bleeding from the nose or Montross bleeding from the head?

And every other year the final home game of the season is against dook.

No matter what has gone on during the swirling vortex that is the rest of the college basketball season (and what a season this has been- Gonzaga at #1 and it seems that anytime a big time contender has held the spot they have been knocked off week after week), this game is the apex of the moment.  This season, the Heels dropped the first one, on the foul line, to the devils, but in the spirit of the greatest basketball rivalry in college ball every time these two meet there is a fresh, raw need to win in the air.  When both teams are at the top or when they are recovering from a misstep, it doesn’t matter.  The UNC-Duke game is the place where giants come to play and where basketball magic happens.

I know what I am going to be doing at 9pm.  What about you?

In SoCon Conference action, congratulations to both the women’s and men’s teams for upsetting higher ranked opponents and going to the next round.  Let’s go for those championships so we can play ball in the big dance!