It’s Dancing Time!

While the best time of the (basketball) year is the day before the first UNC-dook game, but the middle of March is a close second.  We are watching the play-in games tonight.  The Aggies just won!  After missing the big dance nine times, they are going to face #1 Louisville in the first round.

As much as I like…well maybe love…watching college basketball, there are some things about the post-season that really don’t compute.  Miami got a #2 seed, the same as Duke.  It is the first time that an ACC team has both won the regular season and the conference tournament and did not get a #1 seed.  Duke had a mediocre season, got kicked out of the ACC tournament in the quarterfinals and still got a #2 seed.  It is not secret that I love to hate Duke, but this is ridiculous   Of course, the whole seeding process is a sham and leans towards the side of money, but there are some things that I think should be held as true:

1. If a team wins their conference, they should be in the tournament.  Not a play-in game, but in the tournament proper.

2.If a team wins their conference, they should be seeded higher than anyone that is invited into the tournament.  That may seem like sacrilege  but as my daddy says, “the cream will rise to the top.”  Yes, some teams have the option to play harder schedules  some teams have a national name recognition, and the resources that go along with that.  However, if a team wins their conference  they have worked hard, played a lot of ball, and done enough for a high seed. Period. End of story.  We will still have good post season play.  March Madness will still keep us interested and excited, but the teams that have earned the recognition will have the seed the deserve.

Of course, post season ball is fun and joy!  The best moments are watching upsets and people’s dreams come true…like last March when #15 Lehigh beat #2 Duke in Greensboro.  While I did not have tickets to that game, I was at the next one.  When the Lehigh team walked into the arena, they got a screaming, volcanic cheer from people wearing light blue!  Maybe it was more a cheer against Duke, but it was great!  There was a long Carolina blue line to get some Lehigh autographs and have their picture made with the Mountain Hawk.  This year I say, “Go Albany!” This is what March Madness is all about!