Heels Fall, Eagles Soar

The ups and downs of basketball in March is what makes it madness.

The only real surprise of the day was the stunning win of Florida Gulf Coast over San Diego State.  It marks the first time a #15 has made it to the Sweet Sixten.  This is a building commentary on the increasing parity of college basketball, but for now let’s celebrate with the Eagles.  They play great, fast, athletic ball with little fear and lots of flair.  They have only been D1 for six years, but that might be working to their advantage.  Even with the win over Miami and taking Duke into overtime, the bar was set low for this newcomer team.  They have put their heads down and went to work….which I must say would be very hard to do without passion for your sport if this is your campus in Ft Myers, Florida:




I went to UNCW and it was hard enough to concentrate with the beach 10 minutes away, but right outside the door would be a beast.  My advice to the Eagles is celebrate tonight, but by tomorrow be on the court for practice like you still have everything to prove.

The Heels ended their postseason run will a loss to the the KU Jayhawks (I am still baffled by Rock Chalk).  Since Roy came home to UNC, he is 0-3 against his old team.  There were flashed of brilliance in the light blue tonight, but the experience of Kansas was too much to hold back.  They are young and this is a rebuilding year.  I sincerely hope that McAdoo and Bullock stay put and out of the draft.  With the maturing of Page (some time with Ty Lawson would not go amiss), Johnson, James, and Tokoto, the Heels will be a force to be reckoned with next year.

Without much surprise, Florida beat Minnesota; Indiana won against Temple; OSU bested Iowa State; and I am happy to report that #13 LaSalle just pulled out a win against #12 Ole Miss.

Basketball that starts at 10pmish on a Sunday evening is hard to watch- currently Illinois and Miami are just separated by a point half way through the second half.  Go Miami!  I would be excited to see the Hurricanes as National Champs!

It is almost half time of the Creighton dook game.  I am cheering for the Jaybirds.  It is time for the devils to be back in durham where they belong.


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  1. Curtis says:

    I love your refusal to even use capital letters when referring to New Jersey University at Durham.