Seahawks down Spartans

The UNCW Seahawks overran the Spartans at the Coliseum opener tonight.

My house is a UNCW/UNCG house divided.  Both PJ and I got our undergrad degrees at UNCW.  I now have a degree and am working on a second from UNCG.  We went into the game tonight wearing different loyalties.  PJ with the UNCW shirt and me in my UNCG Blue and Gold.  PJ came out on the winning end of this divide tonight- the W beat the G 84-72.

There was plenty wrong from lack of hustle to only making 4-22 three pointers (18%- to UNCW’s 62%).  Senior Nick Paulos was in a three drought.  He tried to work his way out of it on the court to no avail.  It took until about 2 minutes into the second half for the Spartans to wake up and drive the ball on the court.  You can’t win games if you only hustle in the second half!

There were a few bright spots.  Both RJ White and Tavon Saddler had great blocks.  And RJ executed a great steal and lay up.  When he took the ball and sprinted down the court I thought I was looking at a quick point guard vs a solid center (please see this video from my favorite point guard- Ty Lawson for comparison)

Overall, the Spartans were sluggish and looking for a foothold the entire night.  There are flashes of good to keep you watching, but this teams needs to gel before they face the Heels in December.  They only connected on 43% of their field goals tonight and were a paltry 60% from the free throw line.  To keep it in perspective, the lost by 12 and left 13 free throw points unaccounted for.  Diante Baldwin is out with a knee injury- I hope he heals quickly we could use his ball handling skills on the court!

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  1. At least, you had a good time. Keep up the great posts.