NCSU had a rough day

Every time NCSU and UNC play the Wes Miller Bobblehead goes up for grabs in Greensboro.  He’s been with us for a while and there was never any danger of him making the trek to Derrick’s place today.

The Tarheels dominated a discombobulated looking Wolfpack.  I tuned in when the Heels were up 26-4 and that about says it all.  The final score was 107-56.

This 51 point margin marks the largest spread ever against an ACC team (previously it was 48 points over FSU in January of 1998).  This is the most points the Heels have ever scored against State and the 4th time UNC has scored more than 100 against the Pack.

Wes stays with us until the next UNC-NCSU match up.