Boston College- Giant Killer

Tonight, as UNCG lost to rival Elon (oh my- there were some whiney Phoenix sitting behind us) PJ pulled up the Syracuse- Boston College game on his phone (gotta love technology).  The game was tied at 50 and they went into OT as we walked out to the car.  Once in the car, we put the game on through the Bluetooth.

They were tied at 52, then BC pulled ahead.  The Eagles made their final four foul shots in a row and won the game 62-59.  BC, who only sits above VT at the bottom of the ACC rankings, stuns #1 Syracuse!  The Orange was projected to win by 14 and they lost by three.  Syracuse was surprised and BC’s celebration was written all over their surprised faces.

As the seconds ticked down in OT, PJ and I discussed the last time that BC had upset the #1 team in the nation.  They beat UNC January 2009.  Yes, the team that was projected to have an undefeated that season.  The team that went on to win the National Championship.

As a Tar Heel fan, that was hard to watch, but what rubbed the salt in the wound is that three days later BC lost to Harvard.  Yep, they beat the #1 team in the nation, the team that went on to win the NCAA Championship and dropped a game to Harvard.  If I remember correctly, the question that kept being asked was: Does Harvard even have a basketball team?  Fast forward 5 years later, Harvard basketball has grown and they have gotten some strong recruits, but in 2009, it was shocking to the Tar Heel soul.  We lose to BC then they turn around and lose to Harvard.  What was right in the world?

Good job tonight, BC?  I was hoping that the Wolfpack would have knocked them off of perfect last week, but I’ll take it this week instead.