Tevon Saddler- SoCon freshman of the week!

Congratulations to UNCG freshman Tevon Saddler for being named SoCon freshman of the week!

Saddler leads all first year players in points with 19.7 per game and is fourth in the conference overall.  In the hard fought one point loss to ECU, Saddler offered up 34 points, beating Trevis Simpson’s 33 point record!  He added 15 points off the bench in UNCG’s win over Chowan.  He is shooting greater than 50%,  Saddler has ben to the line a league high 40 times this season with an average of 13.3 free throws per game (more than double his closest competition).  He has been improving at the line. (His percentage was woeful during UNCG’s trip to Spain!)  The line is always a place for improvement and if he is going to end up there he might as well capitalize.  Trevon- make sure you are practicing those free throws!

UNCG is back in action tomorrow night taking on The Pride of Greensboro College- Go Spartans!

UNCG’s Trevis Simpson not returning for senior year

UNCG’s 7th all time scorer, Trevis Simpson, is foregoing his senior year to pursue a professional basketball career.

He feels it is the right thing to do for his family and will continue to work on his kinesiology degree.

The Spartans will miss his scoring power.  He has lead the SoCon in scoring and scored 41 in one game alone against Chattanooga.

All is not lost, UNCG is returning starters Parker, Locke, and Williams.  Potts, on the point, and Paulos from 3-range will be fun to watch.  Arizona State transfer, Kyle Cain, who had to sit last year out will be ready to take the court as well as the incoming First Year class, including Tevon Saddler and Tyrone Outlaw.

It’s March, but I’m almost ready for October!

Simpson with 41 points against Chattanooga

UNCG’s man of the evening is Trevis Simpson with a career high, UNCG record tying, and NCAA division tie for third in points in a game with 41.  The UNCG- Chattanooga game tonight was a rough and tumble play to the end game.  Trevis had a great night, but it did not feel like it was an “All Simpson- All Night” kind of game.  However, Trevis was fun to watch!

UNCG got their first back to back win of the season by playing as a team, leading the Mocs 77-69.  This pulls them to 4-4 in conference play, just two games behind Elon and Samford.  The Spartans were together as a defensive unit guarding a fast and strong Mocs team.  UNCG was moving and shooting in more of a rhythm and posted a positive assist to turnover ratio.  Nick Paulos contributed 11 points and David William was active on the offense and defensive ends of the court tonight.  Trevis contributed 7 three point shots to the effort.  The first few minutes of the game were tenuous   The Spartans missed their initial 7 shots and did not put points on the board until they made it to the free throw line.  They found their feet and it turned into a fun game to watch!

Chattanooga actually led most of the statistical columns except for points off turn overs and three point shots.  The Mocs shot 44% FG to the Spartans 40% and both teams were 70% from the charity stripe.  The Spartans edged out Chattanooga 37% to 33% from the three.

Perhaps the most fun was the Mocs coach.  He was whining to the refs for his players all game long.  Once even coming over the line when the refs called UNCG’s time out.  The refs were fairly generous tonight as there were places for a bench warning and I’m not so sure his tantrum at the time out call not a place for a technical foul.  He was way out of line and out of place.  But it did make jeering him pretty easy for the rest of the game!

One final note.  What are Mocs you say?  Great question, I asked the same question myself.  In the 1920s, it stood for water moccasins…a scary mascot to be sure!  Then, it changed to mean moccasin, like the shoe, for the 1960s and 1970s.  Next, they had an exaggerated Cherokee chief as a mascot, Chief Mocanooga .  At the request of the Chattanooga InterTribal Association they discontinued that mascot becoming just the Mocs and using the Tennessee state bird, the mockingbird, as their mascot.  Not just any mockingbird, but one named Scrappy who dresses like a railroad conductor!