Coach K’s Achilles Heel, perhaps

Coach K meets lots of famous people.  He was asked to speak about LeBron James and had his picture taken at that event with James and Jay-Z.  He seemed pretty okay with that, he gets his picture taken with famous people all the time.  But when he got to meet Beyonce, after his talk, he searched is brain hard for the great introduction, “Hi, I’m Coach K.”  Then, when talking to dookies at the recent Dook basket ball campout- those must not be the smartest kids as they camp outside for basketball in the heat of the summer and the dead of winter (don’t your parents pay for a perfectly nice dorm room?)- Coach K totally geeked out over taking a picture with Queen B.  I love a fanboy geekout as much as the next person, but the question is how to use this love to our advantage….a Beyonce medley as warmup music, Queen B impersonators in the audience, I mean this knowledge is golden!  I am READY FOR ALL THE FUN OF BASKETBALL SEASON!!