More good news!

Yay! Roy Williams’ tumor is benign.  He will need a bit of rest, but will be back on the bench before the season starts.  Good news for the Williams family and the larger Tar Heel family.  Oct 12th can’t be Late Night with Roy  without  Roy. Go Heels!

Wes has landed a small forward, Tevon Saddler, for the 2013 season.  He is a three start recruit out of Baltimore who chose UNCG from a batch of good school offers.  Welcome to Greensboro and Go Spartans!

Spartan/Wolfpack Game will be televised

It is always nice when there is fun basketball news on my Facebook page! Today, I was pleasantly surprised with the news that the Spartan/Wolfpack game will be televised.  This game is at 1pm on New Year’s Eve in Raleigh.

The Spartans have met the ‘Pack 7 times (with no wins), but this could be the year!  I saw some Spartan players in Graham today and told them I was ready for the season to start.  They are ready, too!I need to find out how to get some tickets!!

The big question is:  Who will Derrick root for?  Derrick is a Spartan like me (working on his second degree at UNCG), but also a State fan (all my friends can’t be perfect).  Along with PJ and me, Derrick has season tickets for the Spartans. We spend lots of days cheering for UNCG.  I don’t envy his position…maybe he will add a comment and let us know how he will work this quandary out!

Roy Williams has surgery

I keep thinking that the college basketball world will be quiet until the middle of October, but keep getting proved wrong.  I opened my email after teaching a particularly frustrating class today to  a link to Roy Williams in the NY Times.

It seems that he had a “medical procedure” today that two anonymus sources said was a kidney tumor removal.  The university has not publicly addressed this information and a team spokesman was vague on what Coach Williams had done today.

Before I could release this post, ESPN did release some information about what is going on.  It seams that Williams is resting comfortably at UNC hospital after a 3 1/2 hour surgery to remove a tumor from his right kidney.  He may have to go back for surgery on his left as well.  While this will keep him sidelined for a few weeks, the general consensus is he will not miss any games.

Rest well Coach and we look forward to a great Tar Heel season!

Cheering for an Outlaw!


In my daily news roundup a little blog post from the News and Record showed up in the rotation.  The shortened title was “UNCG gets weekend commitment.”  I was intrigued, a commitment to what, about what, are we talking about university fundraising or did some get put into the hospital?  To my surprise it was about BASKETBALL!  I keep expecting it to be quite until b-ball season and Wes keeps signing players.


Tyrone Outlaw is a 6’6″ forward from Roxboro that had garnered some mid regional and a little ACC excitement.  He has signed on to be a Spartan for the 2013 season and according to the blog, Wes was excited to have him on the team.  I for one am ready to cheer for an Outlaw!

I do have one question Wes.  Who is the big man? To play at an increasingly high level (look at our ACC schedule) we need some more size on the court!